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Oakley Fashion

"Simply put, Oakley's fashion is fascinated by innovation, is the challenge of all the rules of burning enthusiasm, our passion for science and technology innovation and technical stringent precision requirements to OAKLEY has a unique set of science, art, unyielding From the traditional thinking of the cultural heritage, and very persistent. Oakley first with its most prestigious senior sunglasses series to show us this extraordinary enthusiasm. Oakley's sunglasses are always in the field of technology, because the use of high-tech so that they repeatedly beyond the limit, and the world's top, engaged in different projects of the athletes try, in all possible to imagine the case of the test.

Oakley Optical Frames

OAKLEY Oakley is the famous American sunglasses brand, the trademark is a big O, its multi-functional sunglasses and optical frames for a variety of sports people design. Oakley's optical frames are the perfect combination of comfort, sporty performance and protection. Partially Specimen with Lightweight Material O Matter Memory Plastic Frame, which is a comfortable and durable material with both flexible and flexible compression. It is the same, with an average of twice the strength of ordinary acetate fibers, only 75% of its weight. This section OX8118 frame for men, width 142mm, there are four colors to choose from.